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Text Box: Steeped in 300 Years of History

Welcome to Destinybay, a Crystal Coast Carolina town steeped in 300 years of history.† Hailed by Carolina locals and visitors as one of the most authentic and unique coastal towns, it doesnít take long for newcomers to figure out why.† Destinybay is a stunning combination of historic buildings and lush coastal landscapes with miles of blue water and white sandy beaches in every direction.† It is a charming southern maritime community with a personality all its own.†


Destinybay was first discovered in 1526 by European explorers journeying to the New World.† By the mid 1700ís it was a bustling port of entry as well as a populated fort.† It also played a pivotal role in the Civil War and both World Wars.† The fort is now a maritime museum and visitorís center.


With just over 3,000 current year-round residents, Destinybay thrives as a fishing village, historic attraction and ideal vacation spot for those looking for a sun-drenched vacation by the sea in one of the prettiest little towns in the south.

As much as we wish Destinybay was a real town it only exists on the page and in the authorís imagination.† It is inspired by the many small towns and villages up and down the eastern seaboard and embodies all of the authorís favorite wishes and dreams for a quintessential coastal town.