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DestinybayThe BooksText Box: “An ideal, frothy beach book.” —Kirkus Reviews
Text Box: “Debut author Lea presents a quaint snapshot of small-town life and explores the bonds of friendship and love in her novel.”
—Kirkus Reviews
Text Box: Growing up in the small town of Destinybay, Sara, Alex and Diana were as tight as the Three Musketeers, bound by a friendship forged in childhood and made complete by their vow to escape their hometown someday to find love, adventure and their own true destiny.
Never once in those young dreams did Sara believe she’d end up back here in the middle of her life, a divorced mother of her own rebellious teenager, with no job, no home and no future in sight.  With Alex stuck in the same sinking boat and Diana ready to weigh in, Sara resigns herself to living with her mother.  But time is not always kind and Sara discovers her hometown has been dying in her absence with many of those historic buildings now abandoned and whispering regrets around every corner.  
Faster than she can rewrite her own life, Sara is opening a coffee shop downtown while navigating the stormy waters of rebooting her childhood friendships and fending off her childhood beau Sam, who is running a charter fishing business on the bay.  Just as she and her friends begin to find their safe harbor, will secrets and jealousy create waves that threaten to destroy the future they are working so hard to build?
Sara, Alex and Diana will discover the power of childhood promises and regrets amidst the waves of change and loss that life holds.  Can they recapture the strength of their bond in time to turn those regrets into grace and unlock the knowledge that it’s never too late to define your destiny and discover where your True North lies?

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Book One in the True North/Destinybay Series

“Hope is a central theme in this nostalgic, small town tale. We all need a dose of hope as we deal with our past mistakes, offer forgiveness, and heal our lives.” –Kandy B.

“This book is charming and down to earth, the power of love and family keeps you spellbound and forces you to think hard about right and wrong and how choices you make can change your destiny.” –Judy S.

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